Campaign and petition links


Demand justice for Berta Cáceres

Ask the FMO bank to withdraw investment from the Agua Zarca project

Stop the Agua Zarca dam

Tell Tobie Mining and Energy to drop its lawsuit against Colombia

Fix the water supply in Flint

Stop forced mining on South Africa’s Wild Coast

Commute Fayadh’s sentence

Amnesty appeal for release of blogger sentenced to flogging

Greens want BBC broadcast rights

Stop carbon pollution

Environmental protection worldwide
Stop the illegal dumping of toxic waste in the Amazon river
Thunderclap for the rainforest
Help save our oceans
Stop forest destruction for palm oil in Papua
Stop seismic blasting in the Atlantic
Save the Arctic

Animal protection worldwide
Save the Pangolin
Protect endangered species in Brazil
Stop the Ivory trade on Yahoo
Save the wolves
Save the Halong Bay bears
End experiments on animals
Save whales from plastic waste

Malaysia and Indonesia
Save the Leuser Ecosystem
Palm oil companies destroy forest in Kalimantan

End coal seam gas exploration
Forest fires in Tasmania
Stop the Abbot Point expansion
Fight for the Reef
Establish a Royal Commission into impacts of CSG mining
Reject gas and oil exploration in Watarrka national park
Stop Adani destroying Aboriginal land and culture
Don’t Frack the Territory
Stop koalas becoming industry casualties
Stop the use of 1080 poison in Australia
Save koalas from deforestation

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Petition to Congress
Petition to Australian government
Stop the TPP

Expose the truth

Global food control and food safety
Keep the Hawaiian island of Maui GMO free
Stop Nestlé patenting fennel
Stop Monsanto growing GM crops in Europe
Terminator seeds

Public health and safety
Demand chemical safety

Internet freedom
Preserve network neutrality

Workers’ rights
The truth behind Tetley

Costa Rica
Help save the rainforest